Through our Self Paced Twelve (12) module Program here At Real Success University we will teach You

Coaching Essentials

Examine the core competencies identified by today’s leading coaching industries. Learn to develop coaching relationships that provide continued structure for progress and growth. Gain knowledge of coaching ethics and how to apply them in a variety of situations.

Coaching Conversation

Learn how to structure a session and keep your clients on message and on track. Acquire the tools to help them develop effective strategies to accomplish their goals. Experiential coaching practice is included.

Establishing Yourself as a Coach

Step through the essential components of designing successful coaching strategies. Learn about the new client intake process and the hallmarks of achieving on-going coaching success. Review the many ways in which coaching takes shape—as an internal or external coach. The intent here will be to teach you the skills needed for professional coaching, not just how to launch a coaching business.

Coaching Skills

Increase your understanding of the common elements of listening effectively to your clients. Learn to identify preferred language, and how the type, timing and impact of a coach’s questioning differs from typical conversation. Acquire a better sense of the importance of acknowledgment and messaging. Experiential coaching practice is included.

Personal Foundation for Coaching

Focus on the outer presentation “package” of your clients by learning to identify and eliminate some of their most immediate roadblocks to personal growth. Gain the skill to help clients improve their attitudes and create new and healthy habits, which support better choices more aligned to who they really are. Assessment tools will be reviewed and administered.

Modules at a glance

Module 1 : Introduction to Coaching

Module 2:  Building The Coaching Relationship & Creating Boundaries

Module 3: Ethics & Standards of the Professional Coach

Module 4:  Designing The Coaching Relationship

Module 5:  The SIX TOOLS of Professional Coaching – Part 1

Personal Self-Coaching tools,

Module 6:  The SIX TOOLS of Professional Coaching – Part 2

Client Self-Mastery Tools

Module 7:  The SIX TOOLS of Professional Coaching – Part 3


Module 8:  Navigating Change In Your Clients

Module 9: Preparing for the Intake Session

Module 10: How to develop a Group Coaching Program

Module 11: Hands on Coaching Exercise

Module 12: Final Exam